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Here’s a selection of images taken at an Iftar dinner (breaking of the fast during Ramadan) at a local Auburn mosque. In this first image, the Imam is singing the “call to prayer” with a plate of dates in his hand ready to offer people to break their fast. There is a beautiful sense of bonding and community during this time in the Muslim calendar, I feel privileged to be able to share in these moments as a non-Muslim.

Sufism in Auburn

Had an interesting experience one night…

I met the Sufi scholar at a mosque in Auburn at around 10:30pm. The exterior of the mosque, on a normal residential street, was pretty much just a door and a single window.

We then proceeded inside, there was 6 people in this Sufi group who like to meet once a week. The lights were turned off to minimise distractions and they began to pray in a chant. The chanting was repetitive and occasionally increased in tempo. Single words like “Allah” and lines from for Koran were repeated. The whole session went for about 45 mins.

Members of the group slowly began to enter a trance like state, hypnotised by the group’s harmonised chanting. A way of connecting to God in a spiritual manner. I shot a roll in pure darkness and using the small pop-up flash on the EOS 30. This strip I took whilst they were praying, no light what so ever, pushed film to 1600 and given a little extra in processing.

You’ll probably need to click on the image to few it larger.

Praying, luck and street photography

PS. I don’t think luck exists, among other things.

Wear good shoes

I think Abbas nailed it. In a recent document released by Magnum Photos, 35 photographers gave advice to young photographers. Abbas’s advice was:

“Get a good pair of walking shoes and…fall in love”

Please excuse the light leak on one of these images, I sent my M6 off for a repair after 3 rolls came back with light leaks.


Rebels Bikie Funeral – Auburn 2009

Family and 450 “Rebels” from across Australia attended a funeral in Auburn for Edin Smajovic. He was a 23 year old Bosnian refugee.

Thank you!

Just a quick hello to all the people who are following and visiting the blog, don’t know how you found it! …. I was trying to keep it super secret until it is ready for an official release. I am in the process of moving over to my own hosting and I have some very talented and generous people who have offered their time/feedback for some final tweaking before I let it out into the public! A huge thank you goes out to those people who have been helping me.

Wishing you all the best in the New Year also.

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