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Here’s a selection of some early images, taken in Auburn, including an Afghan language class for Hazara youths and a photo from an Afghan New Years celebration taken in Merrylands. The Afghan community have been so beautiful in their hospitality, allowing me to photograph their family celebrations, a wedding and portraits in their homes. I have no problem giving away my images either as prints or digital files so they can share the photos with family here in Australia or in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Many of the Afghans I have photograph are part of the Hazara community who were prosecuted for years under the Taliban regime.

Just last week a young Afghan woman, 20 or 21 years of age become the Young Auburn local citizen of the year. Bibi Goul Mossavi, after surviving seven years in a Pakistan refugee camp now calls Australia home and likes to spend her spare time visiting elderly people in hospital just to keep them company. It is not just Bibi with this attitude within the Afghan community, I constantly find sheer joy and gratitude for this 2nd chance at life in a new country.  I’ll add a picture of Bibi receiving her award that I took whilst working.

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