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Rodeo in Merrylands

Taken during the Holroyd Festival in Merrylands celebrating the 140 year anniversary of the local council. I guess there is not much context here and not sure if this will fit in with the rest of the book. Was fun to shoot nonetheless.

Last week

Been really busy with work and planning a trip to Beirut, Bulgaria and Turkey. Heading off in September for a few weeks for a holiday and to work on a project (more details about that later).

Here are some random pictures that link together, taken last week. Been looking at many photobooks lately, Anders Peterson and Rinko Kawauchi for example and just looking at the way they string images together in their books and then compare that style of simple narrative (with the over-arching message) to a more complicated narrative style of someone like Alec Soth.



I’m sorry I shot another roll of B&W film! To be honest I find it very difficult to get into a groove on medium format. 10 shots per roll, the cost of each roll + processing goes through your head…. slowed me right down.

Anyway… who cares right? I went out today and cruised the streets on a little fuji x10 point and shoot digital, was great fun.

Krumping and playing cards

First image is some Krumpers warming up, the next two are linked. Can you spot the link? :)

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