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Refugee Week

I currently have an exhibition on at the Peacock Gallery in the Auburn Botanic Gardens. Alongside my work in the gallery, there is a documentary being screened by Why Documentaries which you can view below. There is an opportunity this Wednesday to come and have a chat with the participants and ask them some questions during a morning tea Q&A session to celebrate Refugee Week.

Making time

Haven’t photographed any personal work in the last month but I finally got some time to scan in some rolls and do some editing. It’s been a (fully) hectic month of photography in Sydney, always great catching up with people and finally putting some faces to names.


Son of a Bulgarian

Some of you might know but I have been working on another long term project which involves a little bit of travel! I am heading back to Bulgaria and Turkey at the end of August and coming back some time in October. I was fortunate enough to have some photographs from the project in the latest Timemachine Magazine. I’m pretty excited about this project and hope to make it into a book. No idea where I will get funding but that is future George’s problem.

Project description:

VOULGAROPOULOS, translated, means “the son of a Bulgarian”. When Nikos Voulgaropoulos was killed in 1922, any knowledge of our ancestry was lost with him. This is my journey as I search for the origins of my family and our name, beginning in Bulgaria where I meet a Greek minority group called the Karakachani. Traditionally transhumant shepherds, the Karakachani have been forced to urbanise in recent years due to economic pressures. Travelling across Bulgaria, down along the Black Sea coast and overland into Turkey, my journey took me through Istanbul to Izmir. Here I discover the birthplace of my Grandfather in Smyra (modern day Izmir), in the suburb of Halkapinar. This project reflects my experiences as a 2nd generation Australian growing up in a Greek family, tracing my connections with a fading past. The photographs represent my journey through the familiar within the unfamiliar on a search for the origins of my culture and identity.

timemachine mag

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