Need… pro-lab…

Someone should open up a pro-lab in the western suburbs! I need to buy and process film but I’m never in the city. That is all. Here’s some photos at a park.


  1. It’s all about image 3 for me, the triangle created by the birds and shoes is epic. Awesome work.

  2. Beautiful Portrait George!

  3. I only like images 1-5.

  4. George Voulgaropoulos

    Thanks guys <3

    Sam: She was so sweet.. really shy, she nervously called me over to take her portrait. Sortof hiding behind the tree she only let me take 1 frame.

    I first saw her at a migrant resource centre, probably 2 years ago now. Always see her with her young son at various community events, I guess she always notices me taking photos and wanted me to take hers.

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