First lesson in colour

I took the first set of rolls to Big W in Auburn for film processing…. I just couldn’t wait to see the results! Well, I wont be doing that again. 3 rolls scratched and 1 of the rolls seems to be underdeveloped (I’m sure my exposure wasn’t off for the WHOLE roll). Here are 2 of my favourite images from this first roll and before you ask…  yes, both were candid and unposed and at different times of the day.

Some technical info: Still learning to colour correct. Currently using a plugin called Color Perfect and scanning everything with Vuescan as a DNG RAW negative. Film is Kodak Portra 400.

  1. The thing I found out about using colour, after always having shot with b&w, is that the colours actually matter. Seems obvious but it is hard to grasp. Colour photography is primarily about colour. Only after learning an appreciation of colour (in colour) can you then move on to focusing on content and have the colour come naturally. Have a blast.

  2. your pissing money against the wall by processing your film there george. spend the extra dollars for the care and chemicals used.

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