Wishing everyone happy holidays!

Some days my laziness gets the better of me. On this particular day I didn’t feel like heading out but I just  knew that once I got out there with the camera I’ll get into a zone and really start enjoying myself. I want to carry on that thought into the new year, so this is more of a reminder to myself and any other photographer. Just get out there and take pictures! :) Wishing everyone all the best in the new year and may the photography gods smile upon us!

Here are 7 photos taken at Auburn Park:

  1. I love how two and six reflects the fresh style the kids are rocking. Not to mention the attitude.

  2. Just want to wish you Happy Holidays, and tell you now much I enjoy your photographs.
    I know what it means to “just get out there,” and have the excitement begin. Glad you did as once again a wonderful set of photographs.

  3. George Voulgaropoulos

    Thanks Sam and Bob for your comments.

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