Merrylands West

I’ve come home late on a Monday night, bin night, and both bins have already been put out onto the verge. Legend neighbour!  I’m going to kick off this post with my awesome next door neighbour. Andrew welcomed us to Merrylands West when we first moved in. Gave us all the goss from the street and warned me not to park my car on the street just in-case someone speeds and loses control. Every time I see him outside rolling a cigarette or attending to his immaculate lawn and rose beds, I’ll stop and have a chat to see how he is doing and share any news we may have. He is eagerly awaiting the arrival of our +1 always asking how Yomna (my wife) is doing and tries to guess the sex of the baby every time he sees her :)

So I dedicate this post to neighbours and the thing I love most about the areas I photograph, a sense of community.

  1. Love the koala on the table in the third shot. Nice work George! X

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