African cultures festival

 Here is a small selection of images I took at the African cultures festival in Auburn. African cultures festival, Auburn  African cultures festival, AuburnAfrican cultures festival, Auburn African cultures festival, Auburn African cultures festival, Auburn  African cultures festival, AuburnThis image above of the 3 guys is not that great but it reminded me of the image I took a couple of months ago!Auburn ParkAfrican cultures festival, Auburn

  1. Love your photos and your passion for cultural diversity and commitment to supporting and enbaling it, into the future for the benefit of all. Saw your exhibition and “Immersed” movie today. we live in western sydney since 1991 and love the wonderful and challenging diversity and emerging Australian society, fragile yet more open and richly alive than much of the older one, worth participating in experiencing and supporting it towards the wellbeing of all. Thank you very much and best wishes for your own personal cultural journey and creative expressions. Maria Maguire

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