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Quarter acre block

In this time of expensive housing, many young professionals are opting to put their savings into managed funds and then rent in the inner city, choosing lifestyle over owning a house. There are many people whose dream is to own the quarter acre block, driving them further west in search for the great Australian dream. “Sydney’s fastest growing suburb”, according to the billboard, is Oran Park. Situated around 12km north west of Campbelltown and 35 kms south of Penrith, this following photographs were taken in Oran Park, Campbelltown and Penrith.

GVoulgaropoulos_WS_01 GVoulgaropoulos_WS_05GVoulgaropoulos_WS_10 GVoulgaropoulos_WS_14 GVoulgaropoulos_WS_16 GVoulgaropoulos_WS_17 GVoulgaropoulos_WS_20 GVoulgaropoulos_WS_21 GVoulgaropoulos_WS_23 GVoulgaropoulos_WS_25 GVoulgaropoulos_WS_30 Campbelltown Arts Centre, Campbelltown. GVoulgaropoulos_WS_38 GVoulgaropoulos_WS_41

Children of Auburn

I have just created a small trade book via Blurb. It’s a zine style notebook printed in black & white on cream un-coated paper. I have also made the iPad/iPhone formatted eBook free to download.

The book consists of a curated 20 images all from my early black & white film photos.

View book

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Walkley Magazine

Don’t worry… I’m still alive!

Below is a 2 page spread in this months Walkley Magazine. If you get a chance to see it, bit of text and some images on pages 40 and 41.p40-41_photo_essay3_web

Lots of new images but I can’t share them yet, waiting for the September issue of Sydney Mag. Exciting news is I have officially resigned from my full-time position at the community newspaper group and I’m off on my own working on freelance work, community projects and lots of personal work. I head off late August to Bulgaria and Turkey to spend some time working on the “Son of a Bulgarian” project before heading to Lebanon and Paris for a road trip and family vacation.

I also have some work up at the state library as part of the SMH 1440 exhibit which is located next to the World Press photo exhibition.


Refugee Week

I currently have an exhibition on at the Peacock Gallery in the Auburn Botanic Gardens. Alongside my work in the gallery, there is a documentary being screened by Why Documentaries which you can view below. There is an opportunity this Wednesday to come and have a chat with the participants and ask them some questions during a morning tea Q&A session to celebrate Refugee Week.

Making time

Haven’t photographed any personal work in the last month but I finally got some time to scan in some rolls and do some editing. It’s been a (fully) hectic month of photography in Sydney, always great catching up with people and finally putting some faces to names.


A Greek Orthodox Atheist

Growing up, I attended a Greek Orthodox school where learning the Greek language was compulsory. Participating in many other religious and cultural traditions was also expected at the school, which were not always an enjoyable experience.  But one thing for certain is now I have no regrets learning the language and regard myself very lucky. When people ask me what my family background is I tell them Greek Orthodox. It’s our easter this weekend, a beautiful time of year with family, full of tradition where I find myself tagging along to a number of family functions. I raise my glass of ouzo to tradition and celebrate diversity… and of course, lamb on a spit.

I think many of the cultural traditions we see today are based on religion. When raising the dialogue around culture I think its important to discuss religion also as many cultures around the world consist of an intricate moulding of the two. I have been trying to explore the different ethnic cultural groups within the western suburbs of Sydney and have come to see that many of the enclaves of cultural groups are identified by their faith.

I personally love the idea of faith. A sense of delusion we all need to get us up out of bed in the morning, suppressing those negative thoughts and idealising the world around us. This requires a small form of delusion and I think I’m ok with that! I don’t care what drives you, what keeps you going, I’m just glad you’re still around.

We need to celebrate this diversity, help maintain culture. It’s this diversity that makes Australia such a great country. I love to photograph people in candid situations, experience life as much as I can. The idea of globalisation or homogenisation of people scares me because if everyone were the same the world would become a stagnant place. It’s this diversity that keeps things interesting, if approached with an open mind, it allows for innovation and a sharing of ideas and culture… and of course, lamb on a spit.

[PLEASE NOTE] Photographs from this update have been removed until they have been published in Sydney Magazine. I will include all images after they appear in the publication.

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