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Haldon St, Lakemba

Aaaaaaand I’m back. Welcome to the new (old) blog! Now under the new address of georgev.com.au. Feel free to share :) In an attempt to free myself of any constraints, I will now be posting to this address. I will include photographs from my ongoing walks around the western suburbs of Sydney and photographs from my new body of work.


Walkley Magazine

Don’t worry… I’m still alive!

Below is a 2 page spread in this months Walkley Magazine. If you get a chance to see it, bit of text and some images on pages 40 and 41.p40-41_photo_essay3_web

Lots of new images but I can’t share them yet, waiting for the September issue of Sydney Mag. Exciting news is I have officially resigned from my full-time position at the community newspaper group and I’m off on my own working on freelance work, community projects and lots of personal work. I head off late August to Bulgaria and Turkey to spend some time working on the “Son of a Bulgarian” project before heading to Lebanon and Paris for a road trip and family vacation.

I also have some work up at the state library as part of the SMH 1440 exhibit which is located next to the World Press photo exhibition.


“Wild West”

Sick at home with tonsillitis, so why not do a blog post huh? Good news this week is the CNN Photos feature, if you haven’t seen it, check it out here: http://cnnphotos.blogs.cnn.com/2013/01/05/sydneys-wild-west-suburbs/

There are a couple of new photos in that selection which I’ll post here also. I’ll kick it off with this photo of an Afghan mother and daughter at a community Iftar dinner (breaking of the fast during Ramadan) organised by Auburn Girls High School. A few things this photo annoy me technically but I find the people so interesting I just had to post it.

Mosque visit: Auburn and Lakemba

Haldon St, Lakemba

Last week

Been really busy with work and planning a trip to Beirut, Bulgaria and Turkey. Heading off in September for a few weeks for a holiday and to work on a project (more details about that later).

Here are some random pictures that link together, taken last week. Been looking at many photobooks lately, Anders Peterson and Rinko Kawauchi for example and just looking at the way they string images together in their books and then compare that style of simple narrative (with the over-arching message) to a more complicated narrative style of someone like Alec Soth.


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